Set value alexa crackable

Hi everyone, I want to set the values such as ip, port, cookie etc .. through a block "edit change node" thanks to all.

I think that's not possible. why do you want this ?

I have to release this flow to people who are not able to modify the blocks, so I was looking for something that could read for example the local ip address and insert it on the ip instead of the "localhost".

You could try environment variable. You could set the ip port and cookie to a environment var and the use that var in the config. Any changes to the vars would intail restarting node-red

I answer you only now because I was trying to understand but I can't, on this node I can't put environment-variables from what I understand it is only text and the user can only enter it manually, is it possible to automate it somehow?
my purpose was this:

use a dashboard consisting of a text box and a button, the user entered all the information that was requested and automatically written inside that block, if the user put port 3458 on the port of the block he had to write 3458

I see no way to allow user input from dashboard to alter the ip and port using a msg variable, you could contact the node author and see if they can add the option.

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