Setting default value for a numeric node and passing it on

I am having a brain freeze with something that should be really simple..
I have a numeric input node with a range of 1 - 4.
I want to provide a default value of 1 which I do via a change node (or an inject).
However, nothing is being passed out of the numeric node as a result of no 'change' having been made. Only if I actually select 2, 3 or 4 does it actually get passed out and sent on its way.
I realize this has to be a simple solution but I haven't yet fathomed out what I am missing here!


wire it around the node as well ?

Yes, I see that but I guess I am being thick as to why it works.

if it defaults to 1 - then sending a 1 won't go through as nothing has changed. So either the rest of the flow must assume it's in a "1" state or...
As this is only for initialisation - if you send a 1 - (also via a wire around) - then it will then obviously pass around to set up downstream. If for some reason it's not already 1 and does go to the node then the node will then also send a 1 - but at least the downstream will still be initialised to the 1 state.

Many thanks. I have it now.

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