Settings.js overwritten

Hi all,

I've tried to do some changes with the node-red settings.js (/usr/lib/node_modules/node-red).
It works fine until i deploy a flow.

The settings.js gets overwritten by a (i think json) string.

How can i make the settings.js persistant?

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That is the wrong settings file. Stop node-red and then start it again in a terminal and it will tell you where your settings file is. It is usually in a folder .node-red in your user's home folder.

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Thank you Colin for the quick reply,

I will give it a whirl.. will report back after i've tried :slight_smile:

Seems like the issue is also there when i try the settings in the default home folder.

How are you running Node-RED?

My guess is you are running node-red settings.js - which is actually telling Node-RED to use settings.js as your flows file. That means it gets overwritten when you deploy changes.

Instead you need to use the -s parameter - node-red -s settings.js.

Although, if your setting file is in ~/.node-red then you don't need to specify it on the command line at all.

i was using node-red -u . settings.js command. since i did some changes with authentication.

I will try the -s ones.

@ knolleary

That -s did do the trick.. thanks!

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