Setup a CSV data file with parameters using the data from OPC UA link

How to use node-red to read real time data from Siemens IOT2050 and store it in the CSV file with time stamp, is there any function code being suggested?

Hello @GAOJY11 and welcome to the forum.

How much have you already achieved -
Have you managed to get data from the IOT2050 into Node-red?
Have you discovered and experimented with the Write File node?
Have you clearly defined the structure of the "CSV file with time stamp"?

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1.Managed to get the data from the IOT2050 into Node-red.
2. I haven't tried it out but I try to work on the csv instead of the write file node.
3. still working on it
I think I got some issues regarding the pallet installation

Please show us an example of the data as it comes in to Node-red (use a Debug node) and the CSV file you want to create from it.

I am sure someone will be able to help you get from the input to CSV.

Thank you for the help; I had resolved the issue of updating data in the CSV file.

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