Setup Conbee2/deCONZ stick as HUE-bridge?

Hi all,

I am just doing my first steps in NodeRed. Pretty exited about the features.

I have the following setup for my current home automation:

Rasp-Pi with FHEM and Conbee2 Stick. Conbee2 is installed via HueBridge modul in FHEM.
Currently 2 window sensors and 2 Zigbeeigbee lights are connected.

On my Synology NAS I have setup Node-RED as a Docker container.

First I was hoping I could use node-red-contrib-huemagic but it would not recognize the Conbee2 as original HUE Bridge.

The node-red-contrib-deconz is working, but is less comfortable as node-red-contrib-huemagic.

eg I have issues in changing colors or dimming the light.
Color picker node offers RGB, HSV, etc but the Deconz output node offers HUE, Saturation, etc.
So there is a differnce. I took a look at node-red-contrib-color-convert but it does not convert RGB to HUE.

So my question is if there is a way to setup Conbee2 as HUEBridge in Node-RED in order to have some more comfort and flexibility.


are you still facing your problem?

I have two docker container on my synology NAS (DS918+) and the Conbee2 stick connected to the NAS.
The node red docker container is running with normal rights. The container with deconz has to run with high priority to find the conbee2 stick. But with that configuration, no separate driver installation is necessary.
But I think the following should also work with node red on the NAS and the conbee2 stick at the raspi.
I'm using huemagic in version 2.0.4 and autodetection was working, when configuring the config node. Alternativ you could try to add a new bridge and enter the IP and port of you deconz server. In my case in the deconz web interface the IP address (top right corner) is shown and also added in hue magic (and is normally not an IP of my network, perhaps caused by docker).
If you need the API key and don't get it automatically, you might use postman an mage a post-call to
(in my case when using docker, you need the port mapped to port 80).
"success": {
"username": "21782121B1"
the value for username is not important.

after the configuration is done, is used the colorpicker node from the dashboard palette with RGB output, pass it to a function
var r = msg.payload.r;
var g = msg.payload.g;
var b = msg.payload.b;

msg.payload =
"rgb":[r,g,b] };
return msg;

and then I connect it to a hue light node.

Same for brightness:
msg.payload =
{"brightness":msg.payload };
return msg;

The values you may set are