Deconz zigbee install problems

I am able to get Node-Red to recognize the module, but it is only when the deCONZ application is running and it identifies it as Configuration tool 1 and does not identify any of the devices.

I am running on a Raspberry Pi 4. I have installed the deCONZ application which appears to be working. I have also installed the deCONZ NPM package.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Michael, welcome to the forums. Can you explain how you've set up Deconz within Node-RED? I'm running a conbee II from a pi 3, with deCONZ in docker on the same device. Next, I use the node-red-contrib-deconz node to connect to that deCONZ server. Can you show a list of your devices (screenshot works fine) as they are set up in the deconz application? I'm quite curious to see what's going on here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.

I have eventually been able to get it to work. The first thing I did not realize is that I had to use the deCONZ tool to add the devices. Once I added the devices through the tool, I was able to see them and program them in NODE-RED.

The other thing that surprised and confused me is that I need to have the deCONZ tool running in the Raspberry pi for NODE-RED to see the gateway. Is this the case or is there some other driver that I can load to make it work without the deCONZ application running.


The deCONZ nodes do nothing but communicate with the deCONZ application. See those nodes as a communication wrapper on top of the application, to allow you to use it from Node-RED. So, for that communication to work, the application needs to run, otherwise it has nothing to communicate with.

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