Node Red deCONZ in-nodes not recognizing nodes established in deCONZ App


I have been using Node Red with deCONZ successfully for quite some time in Windows 10. I ran into a problem I have not seen before and am hoping others who use deCONZ with Node Red can offer advice to fix the problem.

For some reason all of the nodes I have entered into deCONZ ( representing temperature/humidity and motion sensors) and the deCONZ In-Nodes in Node Red have stopped communicating.

For example, I just connected a new Aqara temperature/humidity sensor to deCONZ and can see the new node in the deCONZ display. I can see that this node is working correctly as it reacts correctly to changes in temperature and humidity. However, when I drag a new deCONZ In-node into Node Red I cannot find this new temperature/Humidity node in “Devices selection” of the new In-node.

Has anyone that uses Node Red with deCONZ seen this problem and, if so, do you know how to fix it?

Thank you for your assistance.**

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