Deconz auto start running on Pi

I am running Node Red on a Raspberry Pi having installed Raspian Buster and Node Red in one go.

I later added Conbee 2 device and Deconz software with ui to the Pi.

This all seems to work except that I have to start Deconz manually at each reboot.

I have read various forums and sorry to say I get a bit confused by different answers which no doubt reflect the many different host systems out there.

So, is there an easy guide to getting Deconz to start automatically at boot on a Pi?

Many thanks


Hi Chris,

While not directly relevant to Node-RED itself, I can understand this issue you’re seeing. I recently solved this myself. How are you running deconz (directly installed, in docker, etc)? Say, what command do you now use to start it?
I’m running deconz in docker, and starting/stopping through a docker-compose file. To do this, I’ve hardcoded the full paths in the docker-compose.yml, and added it in my crontab as @reboot entry with docker-compose up -d /path/to/docker-compose.yml

Thanks for your reply.

I start Deconz from the Raspian ui, start program, then select Conbee and start which then reconnects to all the Zigbee devices. Node red is started as a service automatically.

I am new to using Pi and have no Linux experience but have some network and Windows experience.


I’m sorry, I don’t use graphic user interfaces on my raspberries, I’m not sure how to proceed.

Thank you, hopefully someone else will be able to help.

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