Sharing drive from Windows to Ubuntu on a VM

Hi friends,
I’m newbie to Nodered. I’m currently running nodered on Ubuntu (normally and in docker) which is in a vm in Windows. I’m trying to map my network drive in windows to Ubuntu.

Trying to run Nodered in docker as a container ( using docker as it makes working on my projects easier)

Any help is appreciated :pray::pray:

Hi & welcome to the forum.

TBF, this isn't really a node-red issue however, to get you on your way - check out these results

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@Steve-Mcl Can we do it on an offline system? And on docker is this possible?
Doing my projects on cooperate network so can’t access to internet!!

Do what? Map to an LAN resource? Yes, so long as your ubuntu installation has the necessary components (smbfs) installed. If not, then the answer is again yes, see this link - would need you to download the necessary from another machine & transfer it to the VM/Docker image - again, not really a question for this forum I'm afraid.

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I’ll try those methods tomorrow itself, I’m in Australia(so it’s night😋).

Thanks for your trouble Steve. Is that okay to ask you again if I’m stuck at some point?

You can, of course run Docker directly in Windows as well if that helps.

And run Windows inside Hyper-V ? :wink:


Thanks guys, i got the drive from windows to get mapped on linux

Also, while running Nodered on docker, error popping up when trying to access the files. Do i have to create a volume to get those directory and mount to Nodered?

docker run --name node_red2 -p 1882:1880 -itd -v /home/control/:/mnt/shared nodered

This worked also with giving permissions, sudo chmod -R 777 /mnt/shared

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