Nodered in docker windows container

I am trying to build docker image for node red. IN my dockerfile i have FROM node:8-slim, which work if i run docker with linux container. But i am not able to do this in windows container. I tried with different version but no luck. I get error like : no matching manifest for windows/amd64 10.0.17134 in the manifest list entries OR image "linux" cannot be used with this os.
How can i make it run with windows container not linux container.

We don't have a base windows type container, so you would need to build it from scratch, maybe using our docker file as a starting point.

Also, I'd strongly recommend against building anything new on node 8 - it went end-of-life a couple months ago and will not be receiving any new fixes.
Start with node 10 as a minimum.


Thnx for the reply, by our docker file, do you have a link?

Here is the official node-red docker repo -

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I tried as suggested in steps. I get following :slight_smile:
Sending build context to Docker daemon 13.82kB
Step 1/25 : ARG ARCH=amd64
Step 2/25 : ARG NODE_VERSION=10
Step 3/25 : ARG OS=alpine
Step 4/25 : FROM {ARCH}/node:{NODE_VERSION}-${OS} AS base
12-alpine: Pulling from amd64/node
image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform

That's because that docker image is based on Linux not Windows. You need to build from scratch if you want a Windows base.

What I think Nick was suggesting was that you used their docker build as the starting point for your own but there is a fair bit of work to do to make it suitable for Windows rather than Linux.

Is there a particular reason for wanting to use Docker? It often adds complexity with minimal benefit unless you are doing enterprise-class administration.

Step 3 - Alpine ... is a Linux OS - so yeah - it won't work as-is.
I guess you may need to blend the Node-RED parts into something more like which being on the MS site should work on windows :slight_smile: (BUT I have never tried it... so good luck)

We are trying to implement docker and nodered is the first project to be implemented. We hope it will make release easy. Not sure how to do this from scratch. Could you please give some hint or reference on how to make this work? Or do yo usuggest not to use docker for node red projects?

Dave has given one link.

The thing you need to decide first is whether you want to run Docker as a Windows container service or a Linux container service. Docker for Windows supports both types but you can only chose 1 on a given device. Which you chose is likely to be based on what support resources you have to hand. If your operational staff are all Windows people then you may wish to chose a Windows base.

If you go down the Linux route, you should be able to use the link that Dave has provided along with the standard Node-RED docker build.

Otherwise, as we've said, you will need to build a new docker image based off your chosen Windows OS.

There is more info here:

I'm afraid that I don't use Docker so can't help beyond this general information.

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