Shelly 1 plus mqtt

I have 3 Shelly 1 in my home automation and I menage them with mqtt with this string without problem:

msg.payload = "on";
msg.topic = "shellies/shelly1-BCDDC2883E1C/relay/0/command";

Today has arrived the new Shelly 1 plus and I set this instruction ...

msg.payload = "on";
msg.topic = "shellies/shellyplus1-441793a5717c/relay/0/command";

but the new Shelly don't work ....

Do you have Shelly 1 plus in your house? It's works fine?

The plus is a gen2 device i believe.
take a look here

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Oh yessss, works fine ....
Thank you, thank you very much! :+1:

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