Shelly sale on this weekend

There has been a lot of talk in the forum recently about using Shelly switches, dimmers, etc, being controlled by node-RED, and just noticed that they have a sale this weekend with some great discounts.

For example 2 x Shelly 1PM's for 15.80€ + VAT

I'm not in any way connected with Shelly, or on commission! - I'm just hoping to give forum colleagues the opportunity to do some great node-RED home automations.


Ended up buying a bunch of Shelly kit this weekend :smiley:

5 Shelly 1's, a couple of button housings (I've actually quite a few UK plug housings I can use anyway), one of the Shelly 1PM's and 1 of their LED controllers.

Difference in prices between EU and UK store are weird. Somethings more expensive, some cheaper. But the delivery charge from the EU store meant that the UK store was marginally cheaper.

Anyway, that's my Christmas present from my wife done this year :rofl:

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