Shelly3EM API Influx Grafana Help

Hello everyone.
My name is Sven and I am from Germany.
I translated the text here with Deepl because my English is very bad.
I am a complete Node-Red beginner.
I'm trying to query a Shelly3EM via API and then transfer the data to InfluxDB.
I have installed the node-red-contrib-shelly and the node-red-contrib-influxdb.
I have now somehow managed to do this.
I am getting data from Shelly3EM into my InfluxDB.
But somehow I don't think it really fits.
I would also like the three phases to be calculated together so that I have the total value.
I just can't get it to work.
I am attaching my flow here.
It would be great if someone who really knows his stuff could have a look at it.

Thanks and best regards


Do you see this output?
There is a Total directly useable over msg.payload.em0.total_act_power

ah. sorry i missed that it is a shelly 3em not shelly pro 3em.
can you paste the debug node output?

So it looks like on my Shelly3EM.
Thanks for checking it out