Showing a message on a display

Is there a way I can show a message from a node on a display?

What sort of display? Do you mean in a browser? If so then if you are using the node red dashboard you can use the notification node.

Im talking about a LCD display, and I wanted it to show some messanges.

Im doing it in a Raspberry pi

Do a search of installable contribs... might be one that does what you want.

Also try I2C (if your display supports that) or OLED if you have that type.


Its a normal 16x2 lcd (ds1602a) and I need it for a project in school, I also dont have a 12C module, is there a way i can program It without the 12C ?

I think it may be similar to an HD44780 style connection - If so then the older node-red-node-pilcd (node) - Node-RED node may work.

Yes Its exactly like that, I'll try it, thanks alot for the help.

I tried a simple node but Its giving me an error of "Command not running"



Did you see this on the node's flow page

Requires the RPi.GPIO python library version 0.5.8 (or better) in order to work.

Do you have it installed?

i bought a lcd with an ic2 module, is there any node that I can work with for it ?

see this recent thread

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