Siemens ISO Transport Protocol


I've been looking a while for a solution. But so far no succes.

We have a siemens PLC with a connection throught the ISO Transport Protocol:

ISO transport connections are used for data exchange between S7 stations and for communication with PC stations, S5 stations and third-party systems.

Properties of the ISO transport connection:

* Communication between stations is based on MAC addresses.
* Data transmission with data blocks is suitable for data volumes of up to 8 Kbytes.
* Data transmission can take place with the "SEND/RECEIVE" and "FETCH/WRITE" services.
* Data reception is confirmed by the partner by means of an acknowledgment on layer 4 of the ISO reference model.
* Data can **not** be conducted over a router ( **no** protocol with routing capability, because communication is based on MAC addresses and not IP addresses).

But the S7-node only accept ISO-on-TCP and MPI/DP/MPI. And i don't find another node. Also trying to search for a node wich make a connection through a MAC adress not related to siemens but don't find anything usable.

Does anyone know if there exist such a node? Or how i can make a connection through another way?

Thanks at advance.
Kind regards,

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