Siemens mindsphere, json, api

I AM beginner in Node red,

Looking for help and support in creating Application, which can read the data from Siemens IOT Platform (mindsphere) and save the data locally.

Please support and guide me to achieve this goal, This is very critical for my project.
all kind of supports are welcome.

Welcome to the forum.
How are you getting the data?

The data is stored in cloud, PLC is connected to mindconnect(IOt GATEWAY) later the data is stored in Mindsphere cloud.

After logging into mindsphere cloud account with credentials, I can download the data from cloud in Json and CSV format.

Can't you just get the data direct from PLC? (Skip mindsphere)

And where do you want to save data to?

Since mindsphere is already installed and data is being already stored in cloud. We want to use this data instead of PLC.
Mindsphere has its own nodes for node red.

Ok, that's up to you - not the way I would do it.

So what is your problem? You cannotget data?

Or you don't know how to save it?

And as I already asked...

Last question, what type of PLC do you use? (I am curious, we use many OMRON and Mitsubishi where I work)

Oh, i just noticed you want to save to "Json and CSV format"

So if you already can get data, send the payload to a file node.

One way could be using Node-Red to obtain the data with an HTTPS request by using the Node-Red HTTP Request Node.

I believe Mindsphere has an API and documentation on how to access data externally so check this on the Siemens Mindsphere web site on the exact security requirements. If configured correctly the HTTP Request Node will likely to be able to handle this.

Once you have the connection and data flowing into node-red (e.g. in JSON format) you can then set up flows to format the data for writing to the database of your choice. (e.g. influxDB, or SQL etc). This may involve Function nodes, Change nodes etc. etc. etc. it really depends on how the data arrives.

If you use the influxDB time series database there are nodes available that you can add to your Node-Red palette that will do the writing of the data for you very easily.

There are plenty of examples of how to do this in the help section and forum of Node-Red.

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