Hey Gang, I am looking for some help with using Node Red to send data to SignalK and then onwards to NMEA2K.

I am running OpenPlotter on a PI 4B - this in turn is running SignalK and Node Red (signalk-node-red 3.0.3)

I am getting battery voltage data into Node Red via MQTT from a Victron GX Node Red instance, and I want to push this data out onto the NMEA2K Network. I am running a PICAN-M NMEA Hat that connects to the NMEA 2K Network on my boat PICAN-M - NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000 HAT For Raspberry Pi

I have this function that converts the voltage value coming in via MQTT to an actisense formatted string

var voltage = msg.payload.toFixed(2); // Round to two decimal places

// Create Actisense-formatted string for PGN 127508
msg.payload = {
    pgn: 127508,
    fields: [
        { "Battery Voltage": voltage, "SID": 1 } // SID (Source Instance) can be any valid value

return msg;

ADMIN EDIT: Wrap code ↑ in triple backticks

This is successfully generating a pgn message, with the Battery Voltage, and a SID of 1

I am then trying to use the "send NMEA2000 node" to send this pgn data onto the NMEA2K network, but cannot get it to work. The fields in the node are:

NMEA2000 Event (default value is nmea2000out)
NMEA2000 Jason Event (default value is nmea2000JsonOut)

Any help getting this working would be greatly appreciated

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