Simple and advanced infrared security system

Just finished writing a tutorial on how to build a very simple and a more advanced infrared security system.

The system can be activated & deactivated using Alexa and can also send status-messages to your mobile phone using the Telegram node.

IR Security - Tutorial guide
IR Security - Node-RED flow
IR Security - ESP-Easy (Wemos D1 Mini, ESP8266) rules

The tutorial has been updated to explain how to monitor the power-bank's output voltage (nominally +5V) with a simple voltage divider (two 10K resistors in series across the power pins) rather than checking the 3V3 pin on the Wemos.


This is really cool @dynamicdave. I'm going to try and build this myself thanks for sharing this. :+1:

Probably a stupid question, but here I go:

I assume the teacher (= you) has preinstalled some stuff already? Because the way you describe it, it seems so suspicious easy :thinking: Probably the Wemos have passed your magical hands to get them ready to go?

David does setup the semis’s For his class, but installing ESPeasy is not that hard and once you do it once, upgrades can be done OTA and -of course - you will have a file with your notes with the exact syntax used to do the install...right :rofl:

I have all my notes in a file at home and I’m visiting my grandsons (7 hours away) and had to reflash the semis I brought for him (wrong wireless password) and was able to dig up the instructions on the net without too much trouble AND this is on a MAC where I had to do it via the terminal.

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Hi Bart,
The Wemos D1 Minis (WiFi ESP8266 based) I purchase from China come flashed with Lua.
I re-flash them with ESP-Easy, which as Paul says, is very easy.

I know quite a few people on this forum use these devices.

The beauty of ESP-Easy is most of the device-drivers you'll need are built-in.
e.g. GPIO pins for LEDs & relays, switch input, temp & humidity sensors, servo motor control, LCD panel control and of course MQTT communication.
The unit is WiFi-enabled so connecting to a home network is a breeze.
The other thing I like about the Wemos is it is inexpensive, so if any of my students should have an accident with them - nobody is going to get upset.

Let me know if you require any further information.

Ah, from your notes I hoped you bought some that were flashed with ESPeasy already...

Perhaps I have some time in the winter... But I am using that sentence year already many years, but I never have time :rofl: Too many interesting things for a single life ...

Too true, oh too true!

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Please note:
The versions of ESP Easy mega, released from Oct'2019 onwards, now need a single quote placed around the json string to delimit the double quotes and commas in the rule-sets. eg. '{"blah": "blah"}'

On publishReading Do
   If [ir#state]=1
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