Simple-weekly-scheduler How to drop events

Sorry for the stupid question, but I don't understand how to add an event to node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler .
On the webpage the say Events are scheduled by dragging out periods of time on a calendar style interface , tried dragging date/time from text file, cmd etc. also tried dragging Json strings, also without succes in the node.
It's not clear to me what to drag in the node.

I haven't tried it, but doesn't that mean that the node config provides a calendar interface that you select periods from by dragging over the period?

I just tried the node and I can't get the drag to work either. I notice that th node hasn't been updated in ove 2 years. You could try with an older version of NR to see if it works (wht version are you using?) and report the problem to the author on GitHub.

Yep, you are right. With NR V0.20.7 it works and with 1.0.3 not.
This is what you supposed to see.

Pitty that it doesn't work any more, it's perfect for what i want.
I'm going to contact the developer on Git to see if there's an solution.

Probably because we updated the version of jquery and that broke it
(e.g. see )

Perhaps light scheduler instead ?

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Cool, thanks for the tip.
This is exactly what I need.