Simulating Input registers in Modbus Server in Node-red

Hi All,
I have created a modbus tcp server in node-red and using third party clienttool to read/write registers.
I am able to write/read to holding registers and coils. But i want to simulate a particular input register in modbus server created in node-red and want to read the simulated value in client.
I am using the below code for simulating some analog values to input registers
msg.payload = {
** 'value': msg.payload, **
** 'register': 'input', **
** 'address': 0 , **
** 'disableMsgOutput' : 0 **
**}; **
return msg;
but if i want to write to a particular address say 30050 then below code does not work.

msg.payload = {
'value': msg.payload,
'register': 'input',
'address': 50,
'disableMsgOutput' : 0
return msg;

Please suggest how to send simulated values to particular input register address of modbus server running on node-red.


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