Sinage software that works with node-red


Anyone used any Sinage software that works with node-red? Basically I want to trigger certain screen when sensor triggers.

I googled and can't really find any.

Thank you.

Will you be buying the sign or do you already have one?

You would use Node-RED simply to manage and output the text/code for the sign. You would normally use some kind of embedded device to actually control the sign. Like an ESP8266 or Arduino. Plenty of Arduino libraries that will output to an LED matrix for example.

I am sorry, I mean digital sinage that runs on LCD/TV.


OK, in that case, it is simply video output. Node-RED has Dashboard, uibuilder and a few other nodes that output to a browser. Simply run a browser in kiosk mode on the device that connects to the display.

Node-RED has an advantage here in that it is easy to send updates to the browser and so easy to make the output data-driven.

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