Slider node passing variable to trigger node

Is it possible to send the value set by a slider node to a trigger node and at the same time start the trigger node. If it is possible, can I be directed to any examples of how to achieve this. Cheers

Have you tried it? How have you set the trigger node and what is happening?

Hi, I haven't tried it as I dont know how to do it. I want use the slider to set how long a light stays on for. eg: slide the slider to say 35 and this starts the trigger node with a time of 35 minutes before it turns off the light.

Well connect the output of the slider to a debug node and to the trigger node. Then connect a debug node to the output of the trigger node and see what happens.

Experiment a little and see what you learn.

hi, tbh Ive already been down that route. The slider outputs what you set it but the trigger node only uses the variable that is set to start with. If I remove the preset variable (250ms), it says the trigger node is 'trigger and block'. Im not sure that a variable can be passed to the trigger node??

Ahh so you want to know if you can dynamically set the delay for the trigger node - is that correct?

I do not beleive that is possible.

Hi Yes, thats what I am looking for. Pity it cant be done, and many thanks for your help...

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