Slow deployment on a different machine

Today, I am working from home and on my company laptop. I have a bit of downtime and decided to do some work in NR. I still access it locally, with the same local IP ( as on my home computer. Deploying changes which usually takes a few seconds, takes like 30 seconds at least. And I only deploy modified nodes.
I am using Chrome, there is no proxy or other settings I am aware of.
Any reason why this would be the case? Some corporate spyware on the browser?

What OS - I assume Windows?

I've experienced some issues myself recently (I'm using W11, and Vivaldi at the moment). Sometimes Node-RED gets REALLLLLLLY slow and the fans go wild. This can happen elsewhere as well. In Node-RED it is mostly seen when doing a deploy.

I think it isn't a Node-RED issue but some kind of browser issue, all the Chromium browsers seem to have gone through some recent changes and I'm seeing a few oddities. Could of course be a Windows thing. It isn't a capacity issue on my i9 32GB NVidia Quattro powered desktop.

Sorry, should have said that I generally restart Node-RED. If that isn't helping, I kill the browser and restart it. In particular look for a notification that the browser wants to update - I've seen some real problems arise when there are outstanding updates (I tend to leave my browsers open forever with sometimes hundreds of windows/tabs open).

Is your company laptop on wifi and your home computer on ethernet?

Both of them are Windows 11, both of them are on the home wifi. I will do some side-by-side comparison tomorrow.

I did some test. Two Win11 laptops, both on the same wireless network at my home accessing Node-Red on 192.168.x.x local IP address.
On my home laptop, I added an inject node to the flow and clicked Deploy changed nodes:

And the same task on my work laptop:

I am not sure if the error message is related to this issue.

I did a performance analyzis as well, but I never used this before, I don't know what these results are.

To be honest, this is not a big deal. Unless I found something that can affect a lot of people do bother about it.

Can you do a quick network check on both?

We have some work laptops who's network is really bad.

Results on the home laptop:

Work laptop:

I am not seeing much of a difference. The work laptop was shut down and just turned it on for the test. Some processes could have been running in the background.

Yes, that could account for the variation. Though the jitter is rather high on your work laptop. Might still be other tasks causing that I guess though.

Oh well, another thing eliminated.

Are you able to try downloading a large file from the server to the PCs and compare the times? Do it several times on each as caching on the server may increase the speed of fetching the data. If the very first time you do it is very slow that might indicate disc access problems.