Slow response time

Hi. I'm just curious to know what is going on here. Basically I've noticed that response times for several of my flows slow down the more times I 'deploy' my Node-Red. It happens when I am having a long session of testing and editing my flows so maybe I'll hit the deploy button a couple dozen times over the span of an hour or so.

I've figured out that I just have to restart my Node-Red container and everything will be fast again. What is going on here? Just want to know because maybe there is something I am doing wrong that I can correct and improve overall performance.

What OS and hardware are you running on?

Are you using the latest version of node red?

Are you sure it is due to the number of deploys? If you leave it for a few hours and then deploy for the first time, is it ok?

Are you using the node red dashboard? If so are you using charts?

If you monitor the cpu usage with your system tools do you see anything interesting over time?

Are you using any non-core nodes ? Getting slower may well be an indication of a memory leak which can often be caused by nodes not closing connections properly on re-deploy.

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