Node-RED docker container long startup/deployment time


my current node-red instance has:

  • 9 flows
  • 6073 nodes
  • 112 groups
  • 98 configuration node
  • 120 subflows

The startup time of docker container is 10min. Is there a correlation between the startup time and number of nodes/flows/subflows? With every new sublfow, the time is increasing.

Sometimes the deployment time (dependent which flow/subflow was changed) is over 2min by small changes.

Are there some limits regarding the number of nodes/flows/subflows?

Node-RED version:to 3.0.2
Node version: 16.20.1

Thanks in advance!

Best regards!

Of course more nodes will make things slower to load and edit.

You didn't say what kind of deploy you were doing. If you are doing a full deploy then all of your nodes are destroyed and recreated every time, even if you edit just one single thing.

Have a look at this thread. I've linked you to the comment I made about subflows and how there are far more things happening than you might realise.

But you should read the entire thread.

Hi, thanks for the fast reply. Regarding the deployment, I'm using the "Modified Nodes" kind of deploy.
I will read your thread. Thanks again!

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