Slow on deploy on Raspi 3B+

I am running NR on a Raspberry 3b+ (no GUI) and everything is fine, except when I deploy: it takes 4-5 seconds before returning from the deploy procedure.
I am using only "Modified Nodes" on deploy, the flow.json file is around 1.3 MB and the editor has 34 tabs (don't know how to count the total nodes deployed).
Is it normal?

For an old (and lets face it, pretty slow) device - coupled with the fact you a fairly hefty 1.3 MB flow - I would not call 4~5 secs unreasonable.

Regardless of deploy mode, all flow data is transmitted upon deploy (so the core can figure out what has changed and only deploy the changes)

But are you modifying nodes or subflows? and how many nodes are subflow instances (roughly) and how many nodes are in the subflow themselves (because each node in a subflow is multiplied by the number of instances used)?

for context: when you deploy a change to a subflow, that subflow and ALL instances are destroyed/recreated.

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Yes, that's why I am proceeding to replace all subflow (when possible) with subroutines.

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