SMART home security

Project that grew and grew

The above link will take you to a tutorial about a project that grew and grew.
It ended-up as the start of a SMART home security system.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Cheers from David.

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Nice! my home security system journey started in 1979 when we bought the house, and its continuously evolved. With some hard learned lessons from intense thunderstorms and long wire runs along the way.

When you get tired of false alerts, try adding the AI I've shared here to your system. It may be too slow for your needs, but if you are willing to add another ~$80 to the system look at my Movidius NCS "accelerated" version: Security DVR AI add-on

It can be the ftp server to receive the images. A more complicated version is handling "snapshots" from nine cameras via ftp from my FLIR Lorex security DVR (that has been in use for about three years, but of little real value because of its false alert problems, until now).