Smart Meter Flow stops after a while

I have a problem with my Smart Meter Flow from here

It works for a while... sometimes a day and sometimes just for a few hours. After a deploy it takes a few seconds and then it runs again for a while.

node 2

Dont know what i can do anymore - I am a beginner and I would appreciate your help.

I am not sure what informations are usefull to manage this problem:

  • Node-Red 1.0.3: Maintenance Release
  • Weidmann Elektronik Stromzähler
  • AMIS Smart Meter

Hard to say whats going wrong just by looking at the flow
Add some debug nodes and enable them. If it stops working again have a look at the debug panel to see what nodes still give debug output and witch one not. With this you can narrow down the problem area maybe.
You can also take a look at the NR log to see if there's some in-regularities. Type on the command line of your os node-red-log

And try updating your NR version to the latest.

Thanks for your advices. I have updated my NR Version and will watch it for a while.
Maybe the problem is solved now :slight_smile:

Maybe the issue is due to the chart. It looks like you are plotting a lot of points on it.
Note that it needs to memorize all these points which could mean that after some time it runs out of memory.

So you should check if the node red memory (node js process) is not increasing over time.

I tried it yesterday without the chart, unfortunately I had the same problem :frowning:

is there a cmd to check the memory usage?

Today - after i have updated Node Red and the hole palette - i had a new problem.
The connection between my KNX System and Node Red stopped without a reason :frowning:

If i am right with the command "free -h" then i have more then enough free space.
222MB at the beginning of the record and approximately 6 hours later its 226MB used RAM

As advised i had activated the debugs in the flow and the reslut is - i get no informations
The flow stops and the debug stays empty :frowning:

I am pretty sure that i have solved the problem.
I was using a USB to Chat 5 extension to pass the distance. I changed it with an activ extension and its still working.
I have never thought that this could be the Problem.

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