Smart wifi socket thermostat from Könighaus in Nodered?

Hello, I have a smart wifi socket thermostat from the Könighaus company to control my Infaroth heating.
There is an app for control.
Now I would like to integrate the control at least to switch it on and off in Nodered.
I totally lack the approach. Does anyone have a tip or is it a closed system that cannot be integrated.

Thanks very much!


Most of these devices are based on the Tuya protocol and engine and can be accessed using some of the contrib nodes

Post a screenshot of the app so we can see what it looks like


If it is a broadlink based wifi controlled device you could maybe make it work in HA and then communicate NR <--> HA via MQTT for example

Hi there,

i don't get it right Which node do I have to use then? Surely the wifi can't MQTT?
Does anyone have a sample node for me?

Thanks very much!

My suggestion was based on the assumption that you are able to read up & use HA to interface with your thermostat. And then communicate with NR via MQTT that is supported by both NR and HA. If this sounds too complicated, then forget my suggestion

Normally when you want to integrate any kind of device, you need to find out if it is already supported by some common well known software or if there is any documented instruction "how to". Regarding your Könighaus device it might be it is compatible with Smart Home:
Zusätzlich zur Steuerung deiner Könighaus Infrarotheizung mit Thermostat /Zeitschaltuhr kannst du viele weitere Smart-Home fähige Geräte mit dieser App steuern

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