SmartThings Motion Sensor and Flow

I am stuck on creating a flow for a Smart Things motion sensor. I am able to get a kitchen light to come on when there is motion. The issue is that when standing still the light turns off a short time later.
I like for the flow to check if there is no motion and wait for five minutes. if in that time there is a motion to start the time over until there is no motion at all. That away the lights stay on while I'm in the kitchen and not turn off when I need them.

The flow I have now the light will not come back on after 5 minutes then the flow works again.
event state "kitchen motion", Switch "Detect Motion" on or off. on output goes to BigTimer time range 17:00 on to 09:00 off, Call service "On Kitchen Light", debug.

From the switch to off goes to delay 5 min, call service "Off Kitchen Light", debug

I think the off to delay is what is causing the kitchen light not to come back on until 5 minutes. it will then restart the flow and turn back on the light because it sees motion. this is not good flow setup.

Thanks for the help

Look at the trigger node. With extend turned on

I am not familiar with how to configure the trigger. There is a trigger:state and trigger 250ms node. Do you know which one to pick or how to configure them?

Thank You

Start by reading Info tab for the node by clicking the i tab in the right hand pane.

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