Smooth Node - Getting Mean/Avg from sensors

I have several temperature/humidity sensors, and I'm currently using the 'smooth' node to determine the mean/avg values for all the sensors.

However, I am unsure about the 'over the most recent x values' option, and if I'm using it correctly.

I have it set to 7, as I have 7 sensors total. My plan was to keep feeding it the 7 sensors inputs, and have the mean update accordingly based on the 7 readings. However, what happens if a sensor is unavailable, and only 6 sensors are read? I believe it will skew my readings, correct?

Is there a better way to do what I'm after?

I think I would use a Join node in key/value mode to give you a message containing the most recent values of all channels in one message and then use a function node to give the average of those.

thanks, the Join node was the key, I got it working as expected now.

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