So official method to get installed NR version?

Official method to get installed NR version?

Just did an install of NR via the official script and it seems the following fails to work now?

# npm ls -g --depth=0 | grep node-red | cut  -d '@' -f 2

Seems odd that node-red 'executable' (/usr/sbin/node-red) has no --version or -V command line option? Begs for an addition next update right?

Running the executable while it is already running also does not seem to retire its-self, which would be a good add to the design as well. I can't seem to think of a use case where more than one instance of NR would be running on the same device? (Ignoring docker of course).

Upgrade in place the above command still works, I upgraded a 1.3.4 version to 1.3.5. But the fresh install the command failed. So some odd? Nothing changed with the install script recently?

node-red --help or node-red -? both include the version number

It is not unusual to run multiple instances of node red on one machine.

It doesn't seem unreasonable to have --version to return just the version number.

If any wants to make their first contribution it would be a great place to start.

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I have 3 running on my main Win10 PC at same time on different ports


Running a beta is an excellent use-case :slight_smile: As is running an updated version against live flows in a test environment. Or even occasionally running an old instance because you've some old code that you don't want to update for some other reason (maybe it doesn't work with an updated dependency).

Or even simply to split your flows. One really good reason in a multi-user environment is to keep some core flows hidden from users. And of course to be able to keep user flows separate.

Lots of reasons :grinning:

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What is a use case for multiple instances? Curious... why someone would do it, other than active development of nodes? @TotallyInformation just saw your comment. Ok, I see fhe logic.

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