[Solved]Adding quotes around an exec node parameter

I'm wanting to try and use espeak on a Pi for text to speech but having a problem in passing my text with quotes around it

If you just use (from a command line)
espeak alexa, what is the time

then it only says alexa
but works fine with
espeak "alexa, what is the time"

I can't work out how to add quotes around my phrase when using the exec node to do the work from within Node-RED

I send text to exec running espeak which saves it as a file and then use aplay to hear the file

I can do it with a function node


but I'm wondering if there's a non-function node method instead?
PS you need to
sudo apt-get install espeak
if you want to play with this

I've remembered about the template node :slight_smile:

Doesn't it work if the exec command is espeak + any flags and you append the payload alexa, what is the time? (I don't have an alexa or espeak, but that works with echo -n )

No - it doesn't work just appending the payload as the payload needs to have quotes around it

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