SOLVED! Error loading settings.js after changing the ENV setting TZ in docker

Pretty much as the title says.
Spun up a new instance of NodeRed in Docker last year and only just noticed that the times are wrong, spotted an error in the docker TZ property, changed and now NR refuses to run claiming that settings.js can't load.
Any ideas on what to try? Not keen on making changes to settings.js since it's been fine and not modified for months despite several restarts and container updates... Thanks

Not made any changes to the settings.js file for over 3 months and all has been fine.

Update: Changed the TV env variable to the previous incorrect value but still NR fails to run.
Short of a hardware reboot, I'm at a loss....

In that case something is not as it was before. I suggest you start by looking at settings.js.

Hi Colin,
Thanks, found the problem.
I'd added some code to the bottom of the settings file. It was part of testing something, but sure I restarted the container many times during testing about a month ago. I also have watchtower running that updates NR whenever a new version is available, so felt sure it would have restarted a few times since making the changes.
I've now removed the changes and all is well, thanks.

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