Error loading settings file: /data/settings.js

Hi, I have issues to run node-red locally using docker-compose up. My colleagues are using Mac and Linux and can run the remote repo locally. I am using Windows, and am getting this error:

Attaching to nodered-1
nodered-1  | Error loading settings file: /data/settings.js
nodered-1 exited with code 1```

That happens when I install project packages using npm.
It works fine when I install them using yarn, but we need to use npm, as there are some other issues with yarn.
As a setup for the project using npm works for colleagues on Mac and Linux I guess there are some inconsistencies with Windows, or access, any ideas?


please share your settings file, now we cant see whats wrong

When exactly does that message appear?

I cannot share the settings.js file. It is configured well, the issue is not there, as it works fine for others.

i dont think so, ```
Error loading settings file: /data/settings.js

there is your problem
what is you do node-red-stop

Rename your settings.js file to settings.bak and restart your docker container

From the Node-red Manual :

When Node-RED starts, it looks for a file called settings.js in your Node-RED user directory, ~/.node-red. If it does not find one there, it will copy in a default settings file to that directory and use it.

This would create a new default settings.js just as a test to eliminate the possibility of it being a misconfiguration in the file

What I don't understand is what this has got to do with installing nodes via npm. npm does not touch settings.js.