Error loading settings file: \Users\kingf\.node-red\settings.js

Hi, good day.

I am having problem running the Node-Red

I get this error when execute Node-Red through command prompt
"Error loading settings file: \Users\kingf\.node-red\settings.js"
I wen through the forum but not sure how to deal with this error
Please help me.

Did you edit it?

Try undoing your edits.

Alternatively, delete (or rename) the file then fire up node-red and you'll get a new settings file (with default settings)

Looks like a missing backslash right after the user name

No. The forum uses escapes

E.g. this\.that becomes this.that if you don't use backticks.

Ah... Good to know

Actually not missing, but it did not show, anyway I edit it and include additional backlash just to make it appear as it is when execute

I know now... I always (AFAIK) format code and specific commands using the </> icon in the topic editor... so was unaware of the forum software using the escapes if not formatting such.

There is no settings.js in the directory

Odd. It should be there.

Wait a minute. Your screen shot shoes a different path to \Users\kingf.node-red\.

Have you looked in that directory?

As Steve already noted... you are showing references to two different users, thus different paths.


Thus refer to same path when I click on the address bar

Attached new image

Is the settings file hidden?

On the view ribbon, set show hidden files.

While you are there switch on show extensions so you can see actual file names.

Hi Steve-Mcl
I did as you ask

Hi @emperor81

It is strange for there not to be a settings file in there.

The quick fix will be to create the file yourself. Here is the default file you can download and save to that directory:

Hi Knolleary

Thank you. I manage to solve using the link provided

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