SOLVED: Gauge node angular filter not working

I have a gauge node working fine for temperature when using {{value}}:

However, when it's an even number, no decimal places are shown:
I'd like this to be shown as "19.0". So I've tried angular filter using {{value | number: 1}}. But then, nothing is shown in the gauge:

There are no errors in debug log. This should be pretty standard, what am I doing wrong? Node-RED version is v1.0.4.

are you feeding it a number type or string ?

A number, e.g.:


You need to have msg.payload:number to use {{value | number:1}} in gauge.
You have msg.value:number.

Or use .toFixed(1) in function, and in gauge just put {{msg.payload}} without any formatitng.

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That worked - thanks!

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