[Solved] Running as a service on windows


I would like to ask for some help regarding running my node-red project as a service on a windows machine.

To date i have followed the instructions that were provided (on the faq) in the below link. There were a few options to choose from , this is the one I tried first.

now, i have followed these instructions and used the following path when installing the service.

script: require('path').join('C:','Users','myUserName','AppData','Roaming','npm','node_modules','node-red','red.js')

I restart my computer and the in the browser navigate to localhost:1880 , sure enough node-red is running but it is not running the project that i have developed in my user .node-red directory. instead it is a blank project.

What am i missing here? How do i point the service to launch the project in my user .node-red directory.


First, that post is 6 years old, so there are alternatives to node-windows.

I have never used node-windows, but I suspect the service gets started as a different user, meaning a different workspace is used.

I can recommend using NSSM on windows. Been using it for ages in these setups.
If you search the forum for NSSM, you will find many hits.


I also tried using the following method which worked as provided by @dceejay


nssm install Node-RED "c:\Users\\"%USERNAME%"\AppData\Roaming\npm\node-red.cmd"
nssm set Node-RED AppDirectory "c:\Users\\"%USERNAME%"\.node-red"
nssm set Node-RED AppParameters "-u c:\Users\\"%USERNAME%"\.node-red > c:\temp\node-red.log"
nssm set Node-RED Description "A wiring tool for the Internet of Things"```

You can specify the workspace using the -u command line parameter.

I see you posted at the same time and already tried NSSM. Is it working?

Thanks, yes using nssm worked as expected.

Good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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