Some suggestions that will can help reading visually the flow


i just have some suggestions,

if its possible to add other point on top and buttom to wire the nodes , this will help getting nodes vertical also, which in my opinion will be more visually helpfull because it get messy very fast ,

also the switch can also be represented with horizontal single or double ligne to represente convergence logic (AND OR) that other nodes can be wired to, conditionally so with a node that render true or false we controle the acces to the next node . like the graphcet in automation convergence and divergence so a conditional node that stand between two nodes will be very helpfull but the existing switch can also do that .

finally it will help if the link in and out node show there name and not just when we have to hover .

thank you

There has already been a lengthy discussion about such a feature here: Vertical flow view

However, I don't think there are plans to implement it.

If you edit the link node, there is an option to show the label on the Appearance tab.

There is also an built-in action for showing/hiding a nodes label. It is not bound to a keyboard shortcut by default, but you could do so via the Keyboard settings dialog.

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Thank you . i didnt see it im just starting with node red i try to use link to have less lines crossing each other but too many with label and icon its great.

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thank you for you reply very interesting ...
personally between horizontal and vertical i will go horizontal without a dout ,
but ideally the node top and left for input and right and buttom for output .

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