Something interesting happened as I was updating NR

Tempting fate I am updating a couple more machines (RPI) with the command:
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

Is it of concern that one of the sites it is trying to access is error 404?
Not for me directly, but should someone do something about it?

This is what I see in the CLI:

node-pre-gyp WARN Using request for node-pre-gyp https download 
node-pre-gyp WARN **Tried to download(404)**: 

I believe you have been advised that the safest way to update node-red on a pi is to use the recommended pi upgrade/install script

I have been vaguely advised to do that.

My known working command from way back is/was:
bash <(curl -sL

I have since found the command I stated as being the "be all, end all command".
That command updated quite a few RPIs and they work.
One decided to be difficult and I was told "there is only one command" but not exactly told it.

I know of two and don't know the difference.

Remember: It has been well established I'm stupid.

I can live with that. But what I appreciate is concise replies. That will then help me reciprocate.
I can't be what I have never seen/experienced.

No. It is not something for you to be concerned about.

I'm guessing one of the "mirrors" is down? Y/N?

No. Nothing to do with mirrors.

It just means, I think, that a pre-build version of that package can't be found for your platform type and OS.