Something wrong with the time


where is the mistake? I want, that every day at 9:00 am the dwd node check how many it will be rain in the next 24h and turn on / off the pump but how You can see, nothing has happened today at 9:00 am.
What could be wrong in my opinion is:
a) that I have wrote 09:00 instead of 9:00? But I have changed to 12:00 and I didn’t get also any message, too.
b) wrong time by red node? how can I check what time is by red node?

How You can see, too, yesterday after deploy I get a message so I think all should be work when the time also OK is.

Thank You,

If you click the button on the inject node does it work correctly?
If it does then add a debug node to the output of the inject node and check it injects at the correct time.

Also tell us what hardware and OS node red is running on.
Is it a Docker install of node red?

Hi Colin,

thank You for Your reply. Ok, now I see, that the problem is not by the time but I have checked now and when I change something by the DWD Node and deployed, it works. When I click on inject, I get this error (see below). Why?

My red node is on a VM / Synology and work with home assistant.

What type is the Regen node? What does the help text for it say it expects for its input?

I have installed: node-red-contrib-dwd-local-weather

For the info. At 16:05 I got the message + the pump was turned on. Is it not the time problem? How can I check the actually time by node red?

You can check the time in node red by feeding an inject node with default settings into a debug node and click the inject node. Then in the debug pane click the long number, which is the time in msec since 1970 and it will show it in UTC. Click it again and it will show it in local time. Since you are running in a VM I think it very likely that you have not set the time for the VM.


I did it how You have told me and I have three different times (see attachment).

On synology the time is correct. Unfortunately I didn’t found anything by google how I can change time by the virtual machine :confused:


If you click it again in the debug pane does it stay the same time? If so then you have not set the timezone in the VM.

You mean this:

OK, so the time looks ok. If you restart node-red does the inject node configured to trigger at a particular time then trigger at the correct time? If not show then us how you have configured the inject node and what the output of the trigger node looks like in a debug node, after clicking the value the debug pane to show local time.

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