Somfy Rollershutter and Homekit beginner need help

Hi all

I am a beginner in node red and need help with my somfy rollershutter and homekit.

Homekit send:
msg.payload : Object
TargetPosition: 50

and Somfy need:
msg.payload : Object
{ action: "customPosition", position: 50 }

I think i need a function to convert the value.

unfortunately I'm still brand new and would need a little help with it

This is the core of node red. So I would recommend to learn about messages as per documentation.

This is an excellent beginner case. To begin you could configure a principle flow like:
message from HomeKit -----> Change node where you configure the message properties -----> To Somfy node

  1. In the message from Homekit you get the data you need, position 50, but the message object is not structured so you can use it directly to send it to Somfy

  2. Using the Change node you can create the necessary message properties that is required by the Somfy node

Then share your flow (use export function) here and describe what nodes you are using to get more and better help

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