Source format of node-red project

saving node-red project with gitlab
currently node-red project is saved w/ one-line json string and it makes me hard to identify changed item using any of git client.
Is there anyway to save source as pretty json format ( w/ new line )?


Thanks in advance!

Hi @sys4cad

yes, have a look for the flowFilePretty option in your settings file.

@knolleary thanks for your response.
Could you kindly pinpoint where can I find settings file?
I'm currently using nodered/node-red docker container.

//flowFilePretty: true,

if (runtime.settings.flowFilePretty) {
safeSettings.flowFilePretty = runtime.settings.flowFilePretty;

I found 2 candidates. :slight_smile:

The settings file is in /data within the container. We recommend you mount that as an external volume so you are able to update the container without losing your flows/settings -

Thanks a million!

I've changed settings.js file in /data

// To enabled pretty-printing of the flow within the flow file, set the following // property to true: flowFilePretty: true,

and restarted the container, but saved flow in git still one line.
did I miss something?

Have you done a deploy since restarting?

greatly appreciated! it works now.

You might also like to see post 5 of this thread which coincidentally I posted only a few minutes ago which shows how you can also get a file with function nodes one line/line, which is useful for viewing diffs.

thanks a lot.

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