In the projects mode force the flows file into pretty mode

When flow files are committed in the project mode editor they are stored as a single line of text. This defeats the object of storing these files in a source control system. Also I thought one of the points of formats like json is that are supposed to be human readable.

I suggest changing the default storage format of flow files in project mode to pretty.

I also think that this should also be applied to flow files in general. What is the cost of a small percentage increase in file size, compared to the cost in man hours in picking apart unreadable files.

Another idea would be to replace local ui placement coordinates etc. with placeholders in the stored file.

Comments anyone?

What version of Node-RED are you using?

We changed the behaviour of projects to prettify the flows file by default in a recent 1.2.x release.

That's good news. I will do an update on my development system. I have not done one in a while.


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