Source text ui dashboard

Hi all I would like create a source text input in dashboard and it propose automatically the solution. This is possible? Many thanks in advance

Sorry, not clear what you are asking for. Could you expand please?

I would like create a text input as in the picture.
First search input maybe represent the client numeber, the second represents the client name e so on.
When operator start digit character in one text input, automatically a dropdown show the possible solutions and when operator select a option automatically the second text input and so on take the correct value. For the list I have some arrays: one for client number one for name of clients and so on and if operator select, for example, the fifth input, automatically the second and other text input take the fifth element of their reference array (client name, and so on). The same if operator prefer to source in the client name or in the other source text input

many many thanks

And do you need/want to use the node-red Dashboard for other elements or are you happy developing the front-end yourself? (e.g. to use Dashboard or uibuilder respectively).

in node red dashboard if it is possible

I don't do anything complex in Dashboard I'm afraid so I can't help directly other than to say that it probably just needs some custom CSS applied to the text input node's output. Or you could code it yourself via the ui_template node.

Maybe you could achieve what you need with this autocomplete dropdown template?

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