Speed of sensors and node-red platform

Can you tell me how you did this? I have a HC-SR04 I use it with PI SRF.

You might find this tutorial (I wrote for my IoT students) helpful.

One thing to note is the HC-SR04 and -SR05 are powered from +5v.
This means you will need a level shifter (details are in the tutorial) if you plan to use it with a RPi or ESP8266 - otherwise you will probably destroy the Pi or the microcontroller !!!!!!

I think it would be better to just see if we can get a proper node to be fast enough for you

On my Pi4 - using the node-red-contrib-grovepi I can get 5 readings a second


Note: It is possible to get more readings / second but it requires manual editing of a node file.
But hopefully 5 readings / second will be OK for you