SQL date to chart

Hi, im trying to get a chart with 7 lines comming from 7 variables from SQL, if i get only 1 variable all is fine in the chart, but if i want 2 or more variables/lines in my chart its imposible to get, someone knows how to do?

I did it in Change node:

"series": ["DepAvg"],
"labels": [""],
"data": [[payload.{
"x": ."Fecha", "y": ."ExtAvg"


Feed the output into a change node and compare what you see with the requirements from the docs.

sorry Colin, but i dont understand what you want to say

my problem is how can i put more lines "y" in my chart from my SQL data

@MA.ING you could use this solution as a starting point.

Thank you so much Steve, this is exactly what i need, working perfect now

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