SQlite database possible corruption, needs database removed

I have two pi 3 B's with an identical build. One has started to give me issues with one of its SQLite databases, the other works as it should.

Usually when I create a new database, the command together with the database fields are echoed in the debug window, however they are no longer shown in the debug window and the commands state they ran in a popup, but the pop up shakes side to side, which is not usual, nothing else appears to happen.

Nothing is returned from a select statement, just the shaking pop up stating that the select was successfully injected

If the database it dropped, the pop up states it successfully injected the drop table. The table can be created, and a pop up will state it successfully injected the create table, but if it already exists, it states it already exists and wont create it all as expected, but still nothing in the debug window.

Inserting records just shows the pop up stating it successfully inserted the object.

No information is ever shown in the debug window of the output from the commands.

I have tried stopping node red and manually deleting the database, then restarting, that still gives me all the same issues when trying to access the corrupted database.

There are two databases (with different names) on this pi, the other database if functioning as it should.

Tried injecting the create, insert, drop and select commands from the working database, changing the database name first, but they produce the same error. Just to sure I did not gave an error in the code behind the commands, so used known working commands.

Also tried to change the name of the database to see if I could get around it like that, that created a new database and everything then functioned as it should with the new database name.

Looking on the sd card, there is only one database, the working one.

Anyone come across this before or have any idea that I can use to resolve my issue?

Went back to the original database name, it now works as it should.