Stacking dashboard nodes

Hello, is there anyway to stack dashboard nodes on top of each other in the UI?

For example I can have a gauge and stack a button on top of it.

I'm willing to try anything.

Thank you so much.

Hello @MrQozy, welcome to the forum.

You can specify the width of a dashboard group eg 6 (6 x 48 pixels wide)

If you leave the size of a dashboard widget as "auto" it will fill the width of the group so the next widget will be automatically displayed below it.

Use the dashboard layout editor in the sidebar to drag widgets and change the order.

Thank you for your reply.
I mean stack on top of each other not a column.

For example flutter had this feature.

"The Stack widget in Flutter is a powerful layout widget that allows us to stack multiple child widgets on top of each other"

I am not clearly understanding, do you want the gauge to be clickable like a switch?

If so this topic solution may help

Sorry I have no idea what Flutter is so I can't help.

That's odd! Everybody with any tech background like someone who uses node red has at least heared of flutter..
It's the most popular cross platform development sdk, it's made by Google.
Thanks anyways.


Ah, well, there you have it. Google have very little traction in the large enterprises I deal with. Their approach to things is far from ideal for large enterprises and controlled industries.

Flutter is powered by Dart

I don't know anyone who uses Dart.

Anyway, HTML with CSS natively lets you overlap elements if you want to so you could use a Dashboard ui_template node to create custom UI's. You could possibly also use just custom CSS to get the standard ui nodes to overlap.

That's why I cannot help.
I have no expertise in the field of popular cross platform development SDKs.

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I’ve never heard about it either .

Nor me :wink:

I'm surprised how many people never heard of flutter which is the second after react in mobile development.
Either you guys are trolling or are living in a cave :joy:

Hahahaha, awful community made of old dudes who still use windows 98 to run their Netscape.


I'm not surprised grandpa.

Hard for old people to keep up with things newer than 50 years ago.

Good to know you are completely oblivious to the world around you my dude.

Thank you for the answer but you guys are living in a cave. As of 2023 flutter had around 17% of the market in mobile application.

It's like saying you never heard of chrome, or Firefox Hahahaha.

I'll probably get blacklisted from thr forum, but it's ok. But like I said you guys are wither trolling or very old guys still using a donkey to go to work, and getting surprised when someone mentions a car and saying you never heard about that.


Well that leaves 80% of the market to everyone else, I'd say that's fairly major. And, as I said, Google is small-fry in the enterprise world.

Well, it probably doesn't come as much surprise that Chrome is something that we are trying to eliminate from the enterprise.

Once powerful, Firefox is barely a blip. It is kept around as a backup browser but rarely used.

Its OK, we don't mind the occasional oddity :rofl:

I might be 63 years old but I'm still on a par or ahead of many of my peers in understanding current and future tech. :slight_smile:

Many of us "old guys" have also seen many ideas come and go over the years so maybe we have a reasonable grasp of what is worth investing time in. :grin:

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20% of a market is huge, the remaining 80% are split in 20% or 23% at max segments.

Your grasp on mathematics is of the layman person.

I'm glad to know I figured out your age bracket based on your lack of knowledge in certain aspects and your dates views about others.

Thank you for replying, this has been fun :slight_smile:

Marked as a solution, I was looking for a better way to stack things, for now I think html and CSS will do.
Thank you.

What percentage of the total IT industry are mobile applications?

According to Bing Chat:

The global mobile application market was valued at $208.5 billion in 2022, and is projected to reach $777.4 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 14.4% from 2023 to 2032¹². However, the exact percentage of the total IT industry that mobile applications represent is not specified in the search results. The IT industry is vast and includes many other sectors such as hardware, software, services, and telecommunications. The proportion represented by mobile applications would depend on the total value of the IT industry, which can vary based on different sources and definitions of what constitutes the IT industry.

Not especially informative relating to the question.

However, I got this from another site:

So whilst @MrQozy seems to think that I can't do Math (though previous employers for whom I've created a number of critical forecasting systems would surely disagree), by my reconning, that makes the mobile market around 2.5%.


You might want to tone down the rhetoric if you want to keep getting help in the forum. Especially given that you don't seem to know what we actually do for a living.

I don't know your level of knowledge about HTML/CSS. But you will need to think about the "z" stacking and possibly about transparency.