Start a exe on other PC conected with network

Hello, i want to start a .exe file from Node Red to other PC(not the one that i am working normally), they are connected on local network and i have admin rights on that station. Do you know a solution? Is there anyone that have some solutions?
Thank you.

Is node-red running/installed on the target PC? If it is then use the exec node.

If not, you could install node-red on the target PC & use MQTT or even a dashboard hosted on the target PC.

If you REALLY want to do remote execution (I don't recommend it) then there are a few ways. One such utility is psexec.

Hello, i want to do that on a target PC, why you don't recommend remote execution? And if i will do the approach to use MQTT will be all good? I can make error handling on this approach?

Does the target PC have node-red installed?

What will cause the execution to start? A flow? A dashboard button? A timed event? An MQTT signal?

Please describe your architecture in terms people can understand.


PC 1 - has node-red installed
PC 2 - is for viewing dashboard. User will click button to launch "xxxxx.exe" on PC1.

something like that :arrow_up:

Sorry for that.
PC1- has node-red installed
PC2- has not node-red installed- for now, but if is a better solution with it installed, we cand install it, but preferable not. User will click button to launch a test aplication.exe on PC1 and after that start the testing flow.

If node-red is installed on PC1 AND you want to start an application on PC1 then just use an exec node.

Ps, what button? An inject button on the node-red editor? A dashboard button? A physical button? A keyboard button? A mouse button?

An inject button on the node-red.
Ok that looks not so hard if i have node-red installed on PC1, but if not, you said that i can use psexec?

Yes, but not from a browser if that's what you're thinking.

Again, if you provide clear information about your architecture, we can probably advise you better.

That was what i was thinking about, i use now node-red on browser and to know if i can do that from here.
So, to be more clear about the hole project, we have 37 PC's that have the same testing app(CVI app) and i want to find a solution, using node-red, to run them remotely(or from a node-red inject or with other CVI application with a TCP/IP communication) and that program to monitor if the .exe is running and if not, to start it, and to communicate the problem if it is one.
The arhitecture for now is like: A big CVI app ( with UI and some commands to send) that sends trigger to something( here i am trying to find the best solution) and that starts the testing app that will communicate with the CVI app about some testing results.

To understand this you need to understand the Architecture of node-red.

Node-red runs server-side - the browser part is just an editor/viewer.

When I say you cannot run psexec (or any executable) from the browser it does not mean a dashboard or the editor (running in the browser) cannot signal to node-red (which runs server side) to start an application. That's what the exec node is for.

There are lots of ways this can be architectured but off the top of my head, utilising node-red, I would say install node-red on all PCs, create a means of transmitting status to a central place (MQTT) and one master node-red as a controller.

However if you are the developer of this cvi application or it can be automated (or if it has built in programmability) there may be many other solutions.

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